Every day there are opportunities for children to explore materials and create meaningful experiences. At RSCCD’s
Child Development Centers, our curriculum is based on the foundation that children learn by doing. Your child will discover and
learn by making the decisions needed to work through an activity.

Our emergent curriculum covers:

  • Language and Literacy – children are encouraged to build their verbal expression by engaging in conversations with adults and peers. Literacy skills are promoted through a print-rich environment and activities that promote an interest and awareness of letters and letter sounds as well as opportunities for writing.
  • Mathematical Thinking – children are encouraged to develop a sense of number by actively participating in real life mathematical experiences, using diverse materials that build math skills like counting, sorting, matching, and shape recognition.
  • Scientific Thinking – children focus on the world they know and understand. Knowledge grows from the child’s innate need to discover and explore the world around them.
  • Social Studies – children explore the roles and relationships in their world through dramatic play; block building; recognizing similarities and differences in people, families, and professions; and understanding the reasons for social expectations.
  • Personal and Social Development – children are encouraged to develop self-concept and self-control through interacting with others, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Physical Development – children are provided with opportunities to engage in activities that build large and small motor development, as well as an understanding of personal health and safety.
  • The Arts – children are encouraged to express their creativity through art, self-expression, music, and dramatic play.